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8+ New Tips For Blog Promotion That Win The Social Spotlight

In this post, we’re going to cover my top tips for blog promotion that actually work in today’s environment. 

With these blog promotion ideas, you’ll be able to develop & implement a blog promotion strategy that helps you stand out from the other blogs in your niche.

If you’re ready to enhance your blog’s status and carve out your own piece of the internet, this post is for you!

Let’s dive right in..

What is the best way to promote a blog?

The best way to promote your blog is by directing your unique skills, voice, and tool-set towards techniques & strategies with proven track records… that your competitors aren’t using.

It’s not just about the best way, it’s also about using the best-kept secrets. But let’s back up a little bit.

Promoting your blog is all about helping it grow, develop, and flourish. The strategies we’re going to discuss will encourage that outcome, whether you are promoting a specific blog post or your blog in general.

Blog promotion is an active strategy, so for this post, we won't be covering other passive strategies, such as SEO.

The ideal result from these efforts is to move your blog into the social spotlight.

What Is The Social Spotlight?

The social spotlight is where other people are promoting your blog for you. And their promotion is much more powerful than yours.

This happens when your message is both clear and compelling.

The bad news: it’s not as simple as learning how to promote a blog on social media.

The good news: these fundamental tips for blog promotion work everywhere, not just on social media. 

How can I promote and grow my blog?

The second half of this post details the tips & strategies that are currently working for me; both as an online business owner and as a consumer.

8+ Tips For Blog Promotion

These tips are spread out over 5 different categories, which are actually more important than the tips themselves. 

Mastering each of these five areas will help you implement the tips and also develop new strategies of your own. 

Tips For Blog Promotion Infographic

Compelled Sharing

Using the compelled sharing approach, you don’t have to ask your audience for shares, they’ll feel compelled to do it on their own.

You simply create an incentive structure to encourage social shares. Things like:

  • Putting powerful quotes in a ‘click to tweet’ box
  • Adding high quality images and making them easy to ‘pin’
  • Using a comments plugin that prompts commenters to share
  • Doing raffles or giveaways that trades tickets for shares & follows

The main idea is to structure these incentives within your blog so the shares happen organically.

While the Compelled Sharing method can happen automatically, the next method does take a bit of effort..

Your marketing message will always be less compelling than an organic referral from a trusted friend.

Click to Post

Link & Tell Method

The Link & Tell method is about networking with other bloggers in your niche.

There are two main strategies for implementing this:

  1. Creating entire ‘curated’ posts that link to other content
  2. Adding a single link to another blogger within a post

After publishing your blog post, you’ll let those content creators know you featured them in your post.. without asking for a share.

You’ll get some shares anyway, but the main idea is to start forming connections with the people in your niche. It won’t take long to figure out who appreciates the outreach and who isn’t worth your time.

This next method uses an indirect approach..

The Skilled Artisan

A Skilled Artisan doesn’t talk about their expertise, they show their expertise.

A few strategies to consider would be:

  • Authoring a book
  • Hosting or being interviewed on Podcasts
  • Answering questions on forums or sites like Quora

When you are truly helpful and avoid self-promotion, you will stand out and create brand loyalty. People will begin to trust your expertise. Many will even seek you out. 

Don’t be the person telling everyone how great you are, let your actions show them that you are great.

Like the quote says:

Your Actions Speak So Loudly, I Can Not Hear What You Are Saying.

This method is closely tied with the next one..

A Rare Breed

To be a Rare Breed is to be extremely unique. 

You’ve developed a clear and compelling brand identity; your own unique voice, including slang, jargon, and creative style. 

You don’t fill in your knowledge gaps by repeating what others say. You defer to an expert or say nothing at all. 

You’ll find a way to use uncommon and thought provoking words in your writing, and especially when creating catchy headlines for your blog.

You take your own photos (or at least do a reverse image search on stock photos) to be distinct and different from your competition.

It’s about walking your own path; embracing your strengths and weaknesses.

Which leads us to..

Supercharge Your Success

Level Up Your Skills With Exclusive Tips & Tools, Only Available To Subscribers.

Tried And True

This final method ties it all together.

It’s about turning your blog into a legitimate online business (and treating it that way). 

You develop brand assets; choosing your custom fonts, colors, templates, and custom WordPress Theme.

You can create a blog schedule to build discipline & create consistency and then create automatic drip campaigns to market your blog posts.

You’ll implement the social media 80/20 rule and even use a social media management tool instead of hiring blog promotion services.

The Tried and True method is about growing into a mature business that delivers the consistent, high-quality content that your audience knows they can count on.

Final Thoughts

Since I started blogging in 2014, only one thing has stayed constant. Change.

Developing a growth mindset and good systems (planning, experimenting, checking your work, and then repeating) will do more for your blog’s growth than any specific tips I could offer.

You don’t need to read another blog promotion example, you just need the tools & ideas to create your own blog promotion strategy.

That’s the simple formula for success.

What about you?

What promotional strategies are working for you?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • I use networking with other bloggers as my promotional strategy. By commenting and sharing their stuff, they seem to reciprocate on a regular basis.

  • Really like your idea about compelled sharing, I’m going to try that to see if it works for me..

  • I’ve had good success with posts where I curate a list of good articles on a topic, then email everyone that I featured, but not directly asking for a link or share. Works like a charm!

    • That’s a good point about not directly asking for the share, Eddie! Thanks for the comment!

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