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About Us

Here at The Digital Sharecropper, we share tips, tools, and insights for succeeding in the world of online business; all drawn from real world experience.

We don’t chase the latest fads or try to game the system. Instead, our focus is on a simple 3-step process to create, build, and grow an online business.

A successful online business strategy is less about the specific techniques. It’s about basic principles and best practices that have stood the test of time.

By following along, you’ll be able to do the same… but without the steep learning curve.

Why Digital Sharecropper?

When you think about it, anyone building a business online is digital sharecropping; renting a piece of digital real estate with the hope of success.

We don’t own the tools, platforms, or servers that power our businesses, but this lack of control provides us an immeasurable benefit; access to billions of potential customers for practically no cost.

We chose The Digital Sharecropper for our name as a constant reminder of the risks of sharecropping, and that our success hinges on the ability to adapt as the digital landscape evolves.

The best tools & tips don’t exist, but there is a formula to help you find the right ones for your business.

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to this formula, and get an ‘over the shoulder’ look as we share the techniques and strategies that are working in our businesses today.

About Digital Sharecropper

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