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At The Digital Sharecropper we strive to feature fresh content and strategies on the topic of growing a successful online business.

We appreciate that everyone has their unique story as to how they succeeded, as well as how they gained & applied the necessary skills and tools for success.

Do you have a success story to share? Do you have knowledge or expertise on anything specific pertaining to growing an online business?

If so we'd love to feature you. We are always looking to welcome new voices to our community, so if you are interested please check out the details below.

Contributor Steps & Guidelines

The Digital Sharecropper aims to help readers build and grow a successful online business with tools and tips that actually work; our approach is more about the philosophy and best practices rather than specific techniques that change over time.

Please note the following to ensure consistency in our branding and message:

  • Our focus is on evergreen content (which reaches a global audience) so minimize references to current events, the time of year, location, etc.
  • Preferred topics are blogging & online business strategies you have firsthand experience with; but distilled down to the fundamental principles that made them successful, to best help the reader achieve similar results.
  • Guest authors receive an author bio page with a do-follow link; outbound links are not permitted within your first guest post, subsequent posts allow 1 link.
  • Try to keep personal stories & anecdotes to a minimum; we want each individual reader to be able to apply these strategies in their own unique business.
  • Lastly, we want our content to appeal to the widest audience possible, so avoid controversial topics, slang, profanity, and do your best to frame the subject matter in a positive light.

If you are interested in writing for us, here is the process:

  1. Pitch your topic idea to: guestpost (at) sharecropp (dot) in
  2. Be sure to include URLs to your blog & social media profiles
  3. If accepted, we will respond with a content brief and further details
  4. Submit the full article text via email or Google Docs. (No attachments please)
  5. We will get back to you with any edits / revisions, if needed
  6. You'll receive an update once your post is published & indexed

Disclaimer: This must be original content that is not published anywhere else. By submitting to The Digital Sharecropper you acknowledge that you accept any form of editing our editorial team deems necessary.

Once we receive your submission, you can expect to hear back from us (usually within 7 business days) with our decision. If accepted, we will provide you with an Author Bio page and a do-follow link to your blog & tag you in our recurring social shares.

Sharing the post with your audience is appreciated, but not a requirement.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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