In this post, I’m going to share The 65-25-10 Rule, which helps you allocate your efforts towards meaningful results.

Using this simple formula, your time spent working will be effective, efficient, and you’ll be provided with a consistent dose of motivation along the way.

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The 65-25-10 Rule: A Proven Way To Optimize Motivation Now

In this post, we’re going to examine 3 strategies for brand loyalty that work together to strengthen your brand and help build a loyal following.

Using these strategies, maintaining and enhancing brand loyalty will become second nature to how you run your business, and will genuinely reflect your brand’s purpose.

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3 Genuine Strategies For Brand Loyalty Every Business Needs

Although most sources I’ve come across seem to paint digital sharecropping in a negative light, if you dig a bit deeper you’ll likely come to the opposite conclusion.

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How To Use Digital Sharecropping & Create Remarkable Growth