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The Journey Toward Location Independence (Part 2)


The Journey Toward Location Independence (Part 2)

Becoming Location Independent

Location Independence; dream or reality?

So in Part 1, I gave a brief overview of my journey toward location independence. Now in the 2nd part of this series, I’ll be going over the specific steps I’ve already taken, and those I plan on taking in my business and personal life.

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The main area of focus here is the continued scaling back of our possessions so that long-term travel/relocation is more easily accomplished. This has been a focus for the last year anyway, but now it’s time to really get serious about it.

The goal is to get the core of our belongings to fit into 4 suitcases (2 per person). Anything beyond that would be sold before leaving, and then re-purchased at a later date if need be.

Here is some of what has been done so far:

  • Migrating my expansive (physical) book collection onto my Kindle.
  • Scanning all of our pictures, old journals & notebooks, etc., and then throwing out the originals.
  • Selling/donating anything that hasn’t been used in a year or more.
  • ..and we had already downsized our possessions quite a bit when we moved into a nicer, but smaller place.

While some of this might seem a bit extreme on the surface, having space that is unused or possessions that are being stored away (often in a storage unit with a monthly payment), is not really doing you any good at all.

[tweetthis hidden_hashtags=”#essentialism #digitalnomad”]Having fewer things allows you to have nicer things.[/tweetthis]

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There are a couple of goals in this area. First is the transition to income derived entirely online. Next, having flexible deadlines for any non-passive income is a must.

My business is already paperless, and having dropped my smartphone plan in early 2011, my communication has been almost entirely online for a while now. To put things into high gear, we’ve dumped Windows and moved to Chrome OS via Chromebooks.

With that, I’m putting a lot of trust in Google and ‘The Cloud‘. While I do have a secondary backup of my most important files (both physical and in Google Drive), my pictures have all been moved into Google Photos, and my music library now resides inside Google Play Music.

To learn more about the technology I’m using to become location independent, check out my free report HERE where I list 21 of the top resources I use that will allow me to run my business & life from anywhere.

In addition to my free report, I’ll dedicate an entire upcoming post about the switch to Chrome OS, and the pros & cons about moving your business entirely into the cloud. (Spoiler Alert: The Pros far outweigh the Cons.)

In Summary

So, in essence, it’s not about becoming a minimalist, decreasing your quality of life, or settling for second best. It’s about focusing on what is actually important. Becoming agile (i.e. able to move quickly and easily) is vital to location independence. It is equally important to be mindful of your actions & experiences.

In my next post, I cover a tactic that lets me live rent free, which also happens to be the topic of my next book.



[ Update] If you want to see whether I’ve become location independent, check out my ‘progress report’ series here.

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