March 25


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Learn any skill with Udemy

While I’ve dedicated several blog posts to books that have helped me grow, both personally and professionally, I haven’t talked about my preferred method of learning new skills: Video Courses.

Reading is great for entertainment and learning the philosophy of success, but being able to actually see those skills in action makes learning quicker and easier.


Most of the material I’ve found talking about Udemy comes from the teaching side of the table; how to make money teaching on Udemy, etc. What I’d like to focus on is how to be a student, and take advantage of this incredible platform.

Plan, do, check, and adjust.

This blog post covers the “plan” from my philosophy of “Plan, do, check, and adjust“. This planning encompasses a few different points: brainstorming, research, and learning. Once I have a list of ideas from a brainstorming session, I’ll move on to researching, and then finally to the learning phase.

I typically spend a couple of hours each day learning; be it reading, listening to podcasts or audio books, or watching video tutorials. I find each mode of learning to be helpful, but video tutorials tend to have the most impact.

Udemy video learning courses

But why video?

When you watch a video, you are listening to the instructor’s words, occasionally reading some text from their slide show, and often looking ‘over their shoulder’ as they perform the skill you’re looking to learn.

Originally when I wanted to learn something new (things like blogging, working on Fiverr, etc.) I was able to find plenty of great videos on YouTube. The videos I found tended to be simplistic, though, giving just a broad overview of the subject matter.

Finding Udemy

I heard another blogger mention Udemy as a way to make money, but when I visited the site, I realized I could use it for learning as well.

To date, I've taken over 100 courses on a wide variety of topics. Many of them were beginner/introductory level courses to see whether or not I wanted to dig further on that topic.

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