Becoming Location Independent

The Journey Toward Location Independence (Part 1)

Becoming Location Independent

In my personal journey toward location independence and the ‘Digital Nomad Lifestyle’, there are still several steps that still need to be taken in both the personal and professional areas of my life. In this post, I’m going to fill you in on the overall philosophies & strategies that are driving my actions, and then in Part 2, I’ll go over some of the specific steps I’ve already taken, and my future plans in both areas.

One of the main ideas is to get things “Lean & Lightweight” in both business and life. So it’s really about agility and speed of movement, rather than minimalism. This makes the necessary actions as easy as possible to carry out, and still leaves you with all the important resources at your disposal.

[tweetthis]The more complex your business and life are, the greater the chance of errors & unhappiness.[/tweetthis]

Here are a few examples of these ideas in action as related to your personal life and business:

Personal Life

Location Independence 101 While it is about having less, it is not about going without.

(Reference: Essentialism, by Greg Mckeown)

It is important to have everything you need and want, but physical objects are less likely to have a lasting impact on your happiness & fulfillment than mindful experiences.

Far different from “Minimalism” and settling for less, it is about being a “Conscious Consumer” and carefully choosing what you DO want.

In Business

The ideal “Lean & Lightweight” business, is one that takes minimal effort on your part, is enjoyable to run, and otherwise plays to your strengths ONLY, while delegating and outsourcing the rest. For me, this means that a laptop & internet connection are all that is needed, and that I only do work that I both enjoy and am good at.

In Part 2, I go into greater detail about the steps I’ve been taking on my journey toward location independence in business and life.

Talk to you next week.


Digital Nomad Start Image

A New Start as a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad Start Image

Back in the spring of 2014, a few situations in my business caused me to re-evaluate my current path. I think I’d been stuck in a rut of familiarity & comfort for several years, really. While I was no longer fired up about what I was doing for a living, I was still having lots of success with it.

But as I replayed several events in my mind, I began to see a pattern emerge. The desire for a radical change would arise, then quickly be suppressed by thought of: “That sounds exciting, let me just line up a few things over here and start working toward that next.” Only the “next” wasn’t happening.

A couple more events in my business finally made me start to listen to the voice of change. It really made me think: “Is is possible to dive in head first and truly start over as a digital nomad, rather than just talking about it and slowly moving towards it?”.

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The idea

Replace all of our existing income with new online income streams, then move abroad for a year or so and see what we want to do & where we want to go next.

The deadline

By the end of 2015, ideally mid-November.

The challenges

Building multiple online income streams, selling most of our possessions, and coming up with a good “elevator speech” to give to those in our circle.

The solutions (so far)digital nomad office

  • Freelance and Micro Jobs to gain new skills and experience,
  • Airbnb (hosting for now, but soon as guests),
  • writing Kindle eBooks,
  • creating Udemy video courses, and
  • documenting my journey on the blog.

That’s it for now. I’ll be publishing posts each Friday, so stay tuned..



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