November 16


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A New Start as a Digital Nomad

A New Beginning

Way back in the spring of 2014, a few situations in my business caused me to re-evaluate my current path, and lead me toward the idea of becoming a digital nomad.

I think I must have been stuck in a rut of familiarity & comfort for several years, really. While I was no longer fired up about what I was doing for a living, I was still having lots of success with it.

But as I replayed several events in my mind, I began to see a recurring pattern emerge.

The desire for a radical change would arise, then quickly be suppressed by thought of: “That sounds exciting, let me just line up a few things over here and start working toward that next.

becoming a digital nomad

Only the 'next' wasn’t happening. A couple more events in my business finally made me start to listen to the voice of change. 

It really made me think: “Is is possible to dive in head first and truly start over as a digital nomad, rather than just talking about it and slowly moving towards it?”.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.

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The Idea

Create new online income streams that would cover my monthly expenses, then spend some time abroad as a digital nomad.

Then after a few months I would re-evaluate and see what I wanted to do / where i wanted to go next.

If I could successfully setup new income streams and live abroad without too many hiccups, then I would be convinced that this idea could become a reality.

The Deadline

I wanted to accomplish all of this within twelve months, and ideally closer to six. 

Although I would be fine traveling without any new income, I wanted to be bringing in at least a thousand dollars each month from these new sources before leaving as a proof of concept.

This all sounded good, but I knew there would be some challenges to pulling this off successfully.

The Challenges

When I sat down to evaluate the challenges this idea and deadline presented, I noticed that there really wasn't much to it. All I needed to do was:

  • begin building multiple online income streams from scratch
  • sell off most of my possessions, and
  • come up with a good 'elevator pitch' for friends & family (since they've likely never heard the term "digital nomad")

The Solutions

The solutions to these challenges weren't that complicated, but the process of arriving at those solutions was a bit tougher than I had expected. 

It is easy to make money online, but it's harder to weed out the strategies and avenues that aren't worth your time.

Tall tails about taking surveys, selling overpriced ebooks, and creating tons of low quality content abound in the 'make money online' circles.

(It seems like practically everyone talking about making money online is actually making their money from just talking about it.)

The solutions I eventually settled on would yield a nice blend of short, medium, and long term benefits. (Check out The 65-25-10 Formula for a detailed explanation of my 'results-based action orientation system.)

The initial choices I came up with were:

  • Freelancing and Micro Jobs to gain new skills and experience,
  • Airbnb (hosting at first, then later as a guest),
  • writing a few eBooks,
  • creating multiple blogs
  • and documenting my online business successes here
Laptop Work Station

Becoming A Digital Nomad

Now it was time to begin. With a clear vision, a deadline, and my next action steps, I was ready.

It's easy to write everything down on paper, but putting it into action can be another story altogether.

Here's what happened next

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