A New Start as a Digital Nomad

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Back in the spring of 2014, a few situations in my business caused me to re-evaluate my current path. I think I’d been stuck in a rut of familiarity & comfort for several years, really. While I was no longer fired up about what I was doing for a living, I was still having lots of success with it.

But as I replayed several events in my mind, I began to see a pattern emerge. The desire for a radical change would arise, then quickly be suppressed by thought of: “That sounds exciting, let me just line up a few things over here and start working toward that next.” Only the “next” wasn’t happening.

A couple more events in my business finally made me start to listen to the voice of change. It really made me think: “Is is possible to dive in head first and truly start over as a digital nomad, rather than just talking about it and slowly moving towards it?”.

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The idea

Replace all of our existing income with new online income streams, then move abroad for a year or so and see what we want to do & where we want to go next.

The deadline

By the end of 2015, ideally mid-November.

The challenges

Building multiple online income streams, selling most of our possessions, and coming up with a good “elevator speech” to give to those in our circle.

The solutions (so far)digital nomad office

  • Freelance and Micro Jobs to gain new skills and experience,
  • Airbnb (hosting for now, but soon as guests),
  • writing Kindle eBooks,
  • creating Udemy video courses, and
  • documenting my journey on the blog.

That’s it for now. I’ll be publishing posts each Friday, so stay tuned..



[ Update ] Did I achieve these goals? Find out here.

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